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Urutaa is about a clash of ideas and expectations, leading to stress and unhappiness, and this is likened to a plague (urutaa).

The Maori lyrics refer to specific events which occurred in New Zealand's Whangaroa harbour north of the Bay of Islands, culminating in the famous incident known as ‘The Burning of the Boyd.’

In 1808, a European brig, ‘The Commerce,’ with Captain James Ceroni at the helm, landed in the harbour. In the process of showing off his pocket watch to local Maori (Ngati Uru), he dropped it into the harbour and it was never recovered.

The ship left in the night, without the proper farewells, raising concern and superstition among the locals. Their concerns appeared to be validated when, a few days later, an epidemic broke out in the tribe, killing many people including the chief Kaitoke. The plague was attributed to the cursed object (the pocket watch) left in the harbour and the survivors vowed vengeance against the white skinned or ‘spirit’ people (patupairehe).

A year later, another ship, ‘The Boyd,’ landed in Whangaroa, and it was on this vessel that the revenge was exacted. Half the crew were lured up the river with the promise of kauri spars, which they were seeking as cargo, but they were killed and eaten by Ngati Uru.

The warriors then donned the unfortunate sailors’ clothing, launched their rowboats and returned to The Boyd at dusk, where they proceeded to massacre the remaining crew and passengers. In the process, the ship’s load of gunpowder was set alight, resulting in The Boyd catching fire in a spectacular and gruesome event that was reported around the world.

This incident is used in this song as a metaphor for the misunderstandings that continue to plague us today – between cultures, generations and individuals who torment each other through lack of understanding.


URUTAA - Lyrics

The weight of normality
The pressure of civilisation
It never worked for me
I gave up long ago

Urutaa (Plague) x 7

Kua tae mai nga tauiwi (The arrival of strangers)
Tae o rite te patupaiarehe (The colour of the spirit people)
He taonga rereke (A mysterious object)
Whangaroa e makutu ana (Curses Whangaroa)

Urutaa (Plague) x 7

Assumptions of what they know
They need to prove they're worthy
Of popularity
Theories are made but theories are flawed
I gave in 'cause they gave up

Urutaa (Plague) x 7


released November 21, 2016



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Alien Weaponry New Zealand

ALIEN WEAPONRY is a three piece metal band whose style has been
influenced by old school thrash and hardcore
Members are:
Lewis de Jong - Guitar/Vocals
Henry de Jong - Drums
Ethan Trembath - Bass
AW was formed in 2010 by brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong, who
have been listening to bands like Metallica, Anthrax and Pantera since
birth and started writing songs before they learnt the
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